Monday, January 9, 2012

Made it through!

I really don't know why, but I was nervous about class today.  First day of the semester, first class time for a class which is being offered for the first time.  Nah!  Nothing to be nervous about.

It was one of those days where the hopeless (I stress hopeless) romantic in me longed to have that really thoughtful man in my life send me flowers, calla lilies (my favorite), or a very thoughtful email to make me feel very special and like I could handle anything.  Unfortunately, no such man exists...yet.  I really would have settled for a note from anyone.  "Good luck!"  "Knock 'em dead!"  "You'll do great!"  But, I soldiered on.  I grabbed my bag of books and notepad and walked briskly down the hall way.  There was a slight traffic jam and I had to fight my way through the hall, but I broke through and strode into my classroom with a smile.  "Everything is gonna be great, " I smiled to myself.  I proceeded to the podium, logged into the slightly tired computer and we were off....

Things seemed to go pretty well.  A small group (8), perfect for my first class, they appeared to be interested and not bored to death.  I didn't know how much material to plan, but it came out just about perfectly, much to my surprise.  I let them go, just a few minutes early, and cleared away my things from the podium. *sighs in relief*

Whew!  I made it through.  One class down!...only 30 left to go.


  1. WELL! HRRRRRUMPH! You say, "a meaningful relationship with a really great guy, who has, up to this point, evaded me". Well, I guess OUR relationship must be meaningLESS! And, and, maybe I'm not a 'really great guy' but-but I never EVADED, no! NO! NO! NO! I simply refuse to accept THAT. Moron? mmmmm I suppose there exists adequate factual evidence to support something like THAT. But, EVADER? NO NU NU NU NOT NOT NEVER. N-E-V-E-R i tell you.
    So, anyways, just thought this little snippet might help someone understand your BIOLOGICALLY DISADVANTAGED situation; as a BLOOD RELATIVE to ME, I can't help but FEEL FOR YOU!!!
    Your Uncle Byron (NOT the EVADER...NO,,,nu...n.

    1. Hahaha! That's not the kind of relationship I was referring to...I meant more the marital kind, and since we aren't quite rednecks, I think that rules my uncles out! :)


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