Thursday, February 26, 2015

Remembering What's Important


Two weeks from tomorrow I will be on my way to Belarus!!!!!!!!

I may have kind of, a little bit, flipped out this week. It was rough. I had four very intensive days of homework, work was stressful, emotional crap... So, I have been getting really nervous about going. All these "what if" scenarios keep popping in my head and I was getting pretty anxious. Not to mention that I got two calls from the consulate about my visa application... :\

Last night, I got out my box of letters and read the first one I received since breaking our silence a year ago. As I read it and let the excitement and warmth was over me, suddenly my worries disappeared.

While I am still nervous about my visa until it is in my hand, I have reconnected with my host sister and another friend there and I feel like I have several people to reach out to if needed.

It's all gonna be ok.

I'm going back!


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