Thursday, April 16, 2015

First One, Then The Other

That is my life right now.

First one foot.

Then the other.


Day before yesterday was a little rough. It was one month from the day I arrived in Belarus and had my fantasy shattered. Ironically, I really wanted to get drunk. I know, I know. Alcohol is kind of the whole problem.

Don't judge.

I don't want to drink my life away. I don't want to get so drunk I can't remember. I just want to feel a little loose for a little bit. A good night, with a good friend and a few drinks--that's it.

Only a couple weeks until the end of the semester, so things are winding down. Two group projects are out of the way and homework is pretty much caught up, so I'm feeling some of the weight lifted. I just keep moving those feet, one at a time.

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