Monday, February 16, 2015

The Countdown Is On!

Wow! Time flies when you have a lot to do and you feel like you never get anything done!

Time is winding down! One month from right now I will be in Belarus. I can't believe it! Tickets are purchased, hotel is booked, and all I have left to do is send my visa application. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

My plan has been to surprise Alex on his birthday. Before you say that you hope he doesn't leave town, I did write to his mother and tell her.

I am getting really excited.

Also, nervous.

I mean, I haven't seen the man for 15 years. I'm really putting myself out there, but I think it is worth it. So, in preparation of my departure, some memories, and a video I found with pics from Dzerzhinsk.

Lena, me, Alex in the back, Tanya, Vanya and Kate in the front.

Blowing bubbles at VBS in Kiev.
Group pic in Kiev, the last time I saw him.

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