Sunday, January 1, 2023

I'm sleeving you!!!!

If you have read many of my blog posts you know that I have struggles with my weight for my whole life. I have tried everything, but I can't lose weight and keep it off. My body seems determined to gain weight. This is demonstrated perfectly by my experience with keto a couple years ago. I lost 100 pounds kept it off for a year and then unexplainably started gaining weight, even though I had changed nothing.

Since that, my health has stated to decline and I recently had to start taking insulin, even though I was eating a low carb diet, and I still can't get my blood sugar numbers down.

After a lot of soul searching and research (I'm a librarian, it's what I do...) I have decided to get a vertical gastric sleeve. I know a lot of people think that surgery is the easy way out, but I don't know what part of having 80% of a major organ ripped out and not being able to eat or drink more than a few ounces at a time is easy? 😐 If I had to have most of my liver removed people wouldn't say "that's the easy way out!"

But, I don't care what anyone else thinks. I know what I need for my body, and after struggling for 40 years (yes, I was overweight at age 2) I think I deserve to not struggle anymore and to be able to enjoy my life.

My new insurance kicked in today, so this week I should be able to find out the requirements and hopefully schedule surgery! I'm so excited and nervous.

I decided to start a second blog to detail my journey so if you want to follow me, go here.

Here's to a fabulous 2023, the true year of me!


I've been excitedly awaiting my gastric sleeve surgery and this weekend was a three day weekend. I was planning to get so much done. Boy...