Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post Surgemication: I can haz shower???


Today I had my stitches out!  What a glorious day!!!

I didn't even feel the first two, the second two kinda hurt, but the last one wasn't bad.  The nice young man cleaned up the incision and put tape over it, just to reinforce it a little for a few days.  Then they took me down for a few x-rays.

Dr. Lee came in and looked at it, said get rid of the crutches, wear the boot for a few more days, and ease into wearing a shoe as I feel comfortable.  This is all very awesome, especially the part about no crutches, but the best part is that I can shower again!  No more needing help to wash my hair, no more not being to make my own food and carry it, no more not being able to open doors!!!  It's like a dream come true!

Here you can see that the incision is about the length of a finger.

You can see a slight bit of bruising on the opposite side of my heel.

Gonna have to slow it down a little though...this boot is a little challenging if you try to go very fast...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Surgemication: One Week

I was surgemicated on one week ago today!

Wow, seems like I've been through a lifetime since then!  The first three days were a piece of cake, but then I realized...not to be too gross, but I hadn't done a number 2 yet. Let me tell you, that night and the next day were painful! I thought I was going to die!  And when we finally got things loosened, they went too far the other way.  Let me just say that I will n.e.v.e.r. make fun of a Preparation H commercial long as I live...ever.

I'm pretty well recovered now, thank god, but I am pretty tired. Yesterday was my first day back at work, and my first time out of the house for that matter.  I worked 12-4 and did pretty well, other than not being able to find a comfortable way to rest my foot, and I worked 10:00-4:30 today. Really, the most tiring part about work is getting ready to go to work (and it takes me forever to get to the bathrooms...).  I can't shower, so bathing is complicated, and I have to stand on one foot to do everything.

I go get my stitches out the day after tomorrow and, hopefully, I can at least get rid of the crutches. (I can't wait to shower!!!!)

So, let me leave you with one piece of advice: if you are on pain killers and they say they might cause constipation...there is no might about it!! Be proactive or you'll be sore-y! :)

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