Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Up Cycled

I've got a good ol', trusty Singer sewing machine--nothing special, but sturdy.  We've been through  a lot together; years of 4-H, wardrobe malfunctions (ok, just tears and hems coming out), and my just not being able to find clothes that fit.  Unfortunately, something is a little screwed up, but the imbecile at the sewing center only wants to sell new ones, even though he is SUPPOSED to be able to fix old ones.  I just wanted the thing cleaned!
Well, we ended up ordering a new, pretty fancy one of of Amazon for a good deal and I decided I wanted to use it!

I see lots of neat clothes that I wish I could wear and one day I decided that if I couldn't buy them, I would make my own!  Enter comfy, baggy, gray men's t-shirt...

I'd had this t-shirt for AGES!  (I think I got it in 2000!!)  And it's really comfy, but not so attractive; perfect, I thought, for dabbling in up-cycling.

First step: remove pocket.

Second step: find the center of the side (on both sides).

Third step: baste a line from hem to about half way between the hem and armpit.

Fourth step: grab one thread and bunch up so that fabric is ruched.  (I did the same on the sleeves)

Fifth step: cut neck opening bigger and hem.


And  voilà!  You now have a stylish, yet comfortable, top for the cost of the time if took you and the embellishments.

Hmm... I am envisioning an entire up-cycled t-shirt wardrobe!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

You're Never Fully Dressed

...without your smile!

My teeth are not stained, and I don't feel obsessed with having perfectly white teeth, but I have decided to try a little experiment.  I ready a pin about swishing with peroxide, because that is the main ingredient of whiteners.  (I've recently started having urges to go as natural as possible and not use fake, harsh chemicals and stuff.)  So, out of curiosity, mostly, I decided to try some peroxide and see if it does anything for my pearly off-whites.

Please note, if you try this at home DO NOT SWALLOW THE PEROXIDE! 

It would be really funny if it bleached my tongue....

Day 1

Update 8/1/12:  I gave up on this cuz it tastes like crap!


I've been excitedly awaiting my gastric sleeve surgery and this weekend was a three day weekend. I was planning to get so much done. Boy...