Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break

Well, this hasn't been the spring break of my dreams, but it hasn't been awful. I took my YFU students to Minneapolis and of course it was cold and blizzard like when we had to drive home. But we shopped at the Mall of America and went out to dinner, and it was a good trip, overall.

I had hoped to work on my book a LOT, and that didn't happen, but I did reread it and get back into it, and boy did that feel great! So...not all has been lost. :)

And to end the week on a big positive, one of my bestest girlies is coming for a visit today! Yay! And she's bringing her two month old! Yay!!

Yeah, life is good!

St. Paddy's Day Parade

Everyone asleep in the van.

Some of my booty--a fascinator, and...

a Claddagh ring.

The Coronapacolypse Continues...

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