Sunday, July 9, 2017

Feelin' the Burn

Okay, so I am totally feeling the burn. Who knew that living at a higher altitude would have such an effect on things?

Okay, in theory I knew that altitude would have an effect, but I still forget about it a lot of times. Like how much quicker you get a sunburn. We spent a few hours outside at the Botanic Garden for my birthday and I ended up with some minor sunburn.

So, while the humidity is much lower here in Colorado, it's been freakin' hot! It's been in the 90s a lot and our apartment has a chiller that doesn't work so we have to have the windows open all the time. Even with the windows open there is terrible air flow, so at the moment, we have 8 fans spread through the apartment.


Oh well, could be worse. 

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