Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Epiphanic Moment

At work today I had a burst of energy (might have something to do with the 16 oz. Rockstar and 12 oz. cup of coffee I drank) and I decided to do some tidying up.  There was a bag of potting soil which I am planning to use to repot some of the plants at work and I grabbed to put it in the back, somewhere out of the way.  I'm pretty strong, and while it was not light as a feather, it was something I could handle with no problem.  I thought to myself as I carried it, this is pretty heavy, and as I plopped it down I looked at the bag: 40 lbs.  Forty pounds... that bag of soil was slightly under the amount of weight I have lost.


I'm not saying that I thought forty pounds was shabby, but it's very easy to focus on how far you have yet to travel and forget how far you have come already.  It was an awesome moment, as my body said "HEY!!!!!"  Think, I said to myself, you used to carry that around everyday.  And when you are done, you will have lost the equivalent of five of those.


It was a very motivating moment.  I needed that.

Bless you, you dirt bag! ;)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Countdown to Surgemication: One Week.

One week from today!

I am excited for this surgery, although it brings with it the end of the summer, and that I'm not so ready for.  I have not been nervous at all, perhaps I will be next week.  I have been making lists of things to get done, preparations to make, etc.  I also had mom remove the remnants of my pedi from two months ago.  :(  The little toes weren't so great, but the big toes still looked pretty good.  And I can't take any aspirin or ibuprofen so numerous body parts have decided to ache.  Grr.

I hope I can get some things done while I'm home convalescing.  (Don't worry, not big things, but things like reading my textbook for the class I teach and redoing my notes.)

Come on week, go faster!  Let's get this done!

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