My Creative Side

Welding, because why not?

My attempts at Russian Folk Art.

A drawing of Russian Folk Ensemble Zolotoj Plyos.


Photos from London.

Some of my art projects from my Community College days.

 Decorations when I worked at the gas station.

Random photos...

My first Swedish Tea Ring, and some cool cookies.

 Some displays I did at the library.  I drew the crest in the flag,  and yes, in true Beatrix Potter style, those figures are watercolor.

 Book Spine poetry and a cupcake in the library.

Theme Day: Costume Party

Displays at work:

Blind Date with a book.

I read that film!!!

The Coronapacolypse Continues...

I've been home for 40 days now. Technically 42 days because I was off the two days before work closed. This has been such a strange t...