Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You're getting very sleepy...

Since I am employed at an institution of higher learning, I am able to take classes at said institution for only the cost of the fees.  When I saw "Weight Loss Through Hypnosis" in the brochure for Continuing Education, I thought to myself, why not?  I'm curious about hypnosis, and if there is anything to make weight loss reduction easier, I'm for trying it.  Lord knows it's my head that gets in my way most of the time.

So, class time came last night.  I wasn't nervous, just interested (and a little foggy from the muscle relaxers I took).  She began speaking to us, her voice low and calm, soft music lulling in the background, near darkness cradling us as if in the womb.  I felt very relaxed, but lots of thoughts kept going through my head.  I think my mind has a lot of white noise.

I remember everything that she said, as much as you do when someone talks to you normally, and never felt like I had lost control.  I felt as though I could snap out of it any time I wanted to.  She went through a whole monologue about forming healthy habits, leaving those unhealthy ones locked up in a room out of sight, and about how good those nutritious foods are.  She also called it weight reduction instead of weight loss, because our minds, she informed us, are programmed to find that which is lost and we don't want to find the weight again once we've lost it.

I don't know if I was hypnotized or how far under I was and I don't know if it changed anything, but it was a unique experience, and I was definitely relaxed.  There is another class next week that is for stress relief . . . I'm thinking of going; this may finally be the way that I can channel my stress and get it out so that my shoulders are not always knotted.

Feel you're body relaxing, feel your eyes grow heavy.  I will count to 20 and you will be completely relaxed . . .

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