Friday, March 23, 2012

Curve Balls

Isn't it great?  Every once in awhile life will throw you a curve ball.  Sometimes they are fast, sometimes a little slower.  Sometimes they come from clear out in left field, sometimes a little closer to home.  Sometimes they knock you off your feet onto the hard, cold dirt, and sometimes they whiz past your ear and just kind of disorient you.  However they come, they are always a surprise; not always good, but not always bad either.  There are those that can leave you a little puzzled, but after a few days they fade from your mental whiteboard.  And then there are those which, for better or worse, really shake up your mind, like a mental snow globe, with all your thoughts swirling around you in a fake snow pellet blizzard.

The past two days have thrown me a number of curve balls.  Just when life seemed "normal", an out of the blue, intriguing in a backwards sort of way email, search results on the internet I kind of wish I hadn't seen, feeling abandoned at work, a(nother) failed attempt at a party/gathering, well, you get picture.  I half expect to see seam marks in the skin on my face from all the balls that have been hitting me.


Life's pitcher has an unbroken record.  He throws ball after ball, and right when you think that you have a leg up, WHAM! you're tagged out a leg before home plate.  It certainly keeps us players on our toes.

I guess we'll have to see how the game plays out.

You never know. . . .

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