Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Sky Is Falling!

Ok, perhaps that's a bit drastic.

Just a teeny bit.

It's been a rough week.  I haven't felt well but was unable to stay home, I've been annoyed with some people at my job, I am heading into some unknown territory with new job duties................  Now tonight I see the beginnings of some things which seem inevitable, things that will turn my whole world upside down, but leave me in the very same place, the one which I want desperately to get out of.

Frustration does not begin to cover it.

Ok, so maybe it's a little premature to spaz out.  And, tomorrow I will probably not find this disturbing inevitability so daunting, but right now, I'm just...



  1. Annoying people at work make life suck....definitely terrible when away form the comforts of home...just be calm n composed to handle them :)

  2. Somedays I consider becoming a hermit! I kid. After a brief time of running around in panic-stricken circles, I realized that it's ok to be frustrated, but it will only make me miserable if I complain and whine about it. (But it's so satisfying!) I will get through this!!! :)


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