Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Up Cycled

I've got a good ol', trusty Singer sewing machine--nothing special, but sturdy.  We've been through  a lot together; years of 4-H, wardrobe malfunctions (ok, just tears and hems coming out), and my just not being able to find clothes that fit.  Unfortunately, something is a little screwed up, but the imbecile at the sewing center only wants to sell new ones, even though he is SUPPOSED to be able to fix old ones.  I just wanted the thing cleaned!
Well, we ended up ordering a new, pretty fancy one of of Amazon for a good deal and I decided I wanted to use it!

I see lots of neat clothes that I wish I could wear and one day I decided that if I couldn't buy them, I would make my own!  Enter comfy, baggy, gray men's t-shirt...

I'd had this t-shirt for AGES!  (I think I got it in 2000!!)  And it's really comfy, but not so attractive; perfect, I thought, for dabbling in up-cycling.

First step: remove pocket.

Second step: find the center of the side (on both sides).

Third step: baste a line from hem to about half way between the hem and armpit.

Fourth step: grab one thread and bunch up so that fabric is ruched.  (I did the same on the sleeves)

Fifth step: cut neck opening bigger and hem.


And  voilà!  You now have a stylish, yet comfortable, top for the cost of the time if took you and the embellishments.

Hmm... I am envisioning an entire up-cycled t-shirt wardrobe!!!


  1. Oooh!!!! So cute! I've always wanted to learn to use a sewing machine, but... I never got around to and gave my grandma's machine way to someone who I KNOW will put it to good use. Maybe I'll make you give me a lesson or two, sometime!

    1. Thanks! Of course! There's nothing to it, it's just a power tool. I'll bring it down sometime, maybe you/we can make something for Bruce Willis' room. :)



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