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I can't believe it is the twenty-second of January already!  The last thirty days have been... interesting, shall we say.  We finally got completely moved out of the apartment, which I didn't think would EVER happen!  I swear that I now know what hell is--you move all day long, to the point of mental and physical exhaustion, go to bed for a few hours, get up and do it all over again.  And then, every time you think "oh, we're getting close, we should be done by such and such time," it's midnight and you are nowhere near finished.  I truly believe I was close to a nervous breakdown!

We were supposed to be out of the apartment by January 1, however, we did not finish until the fifth, at 11:00 p.m.  We went to Applebee's for a celebratory dinner, but were so exhausted we just sat there like gelatinous blobs, slowly ingesting our food, not really tasting it.

A few days later we finally got all of the boxes in off the back deck area.  We left them out, covered with plastic for a few days, unable to lift another box or go down another stair.  At this point, if someone really wanted to take something, I was like "you go!"  We didn't really do much inside with the stacks of boxes for about a week--we had to let our bodies recuperate a little.  (We finished Saturday, rested Sunday, stayed home Monday.)  Finally, we'd have little bursts of energy, get some stuff done and then poop out again.

Our house was a mess of stuff, our computer wasn't working,  I got one day to relax out of my two and a half weeks off (and I could hardly stand up!), and my phone had been barely functioning for a month or two--I was really having a great start to the new year!  Not to mention not being able to spend time writing and missing out on a girl's night with my girl Cannonball.  So, to top it all off, last night I had gotten off work early, so I was making supper so it would be ready when mom got home.  She walked in and said hello, I went out to plate our dinner and then WHAM!  I grabbed two plates and a bowl of corn from the microwave and as I turned around, my foot caught on a box of stuff and I fell, scraping my left leg on the pile of stuff as I fell, landing on my right knee, which had finally stopped hurting from the move, dropping the dishes (which did not break, thank god!), landing on the heel of my right hand, and narrowly escaping bashing my cranium into the refrigerator.

A few, em, not very nice things might have slipped out.

I cried for a few minutes on the floor and spent the rest of the evening sitting in my chair with ice packs on my knees.  Mom couldn't eat and busily set to clearing the boxes out of the kitchen.  I was very sorry to have upset her--it was not her fault, but mine as well.  (This just topped off a fun filled day of disaster training and mandatory reporter training--which I still don't understand why I have to do.)  She kept saying it was her fault, like she had purposefully done this to me.  It was both of our faults--we both keep putting off unpacking and organizing, we both keep ignoring what seems to overwhelming to face--that, and I'm not known for looking where I'm going.  I am, in fact, an expert faller.

Ok, so I need to remind myself that it may not be any fun now to unpack, put away and organize, but not only will I not fall, it will make life easier and simpler in the long run.

I'll just keep reminding myself of the kitchen.

So, all in all it was a turbulent end to 2012 and beginning to 2013.  Hopefully, that means that 2013 will be a year of change (for the better)!

Taming a mess--the very beginning, December 13.
Progress--December 30.

A slide for the boxes--December 31
1st dumpster full--January 4.

We thought we'd be done that morning--January 5.

Thought it would never happen--almost DONE! January 5, 10:25 pm.

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  1. Moving is SO stressful. It's so hard to have your whole life disassembled like that... just keep plugging away at getting unpacked! And then post pics of the new place!!!! (have fun picking out your new couch today!)


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