Saturday, March 30, 2013


Well, today ends week 8 of my Weight Watchers journey and so far, things have gone really well.  Spring break was a little challenging, but I really did pretty well.  I was at least trying and not just throwing caution to the wind; yes I could have done better.

For the most part, I have been making much better food choices, although sometimes I still give in a little to the nibbles.  The first five weeks, I never went over the daily point total once, and never used the extra weekly points they give you.  During spring break, well, I used some.  Ok, so when we were at the Mega Mall I ate out for every meal, but instead of getting a two entree meal at Panda Express, I got a bowl which was rice, way too much, and one entree, Orange Chicken, the only entree for me, and I at the Orange Chicken, a little bit of rice and threw the rest away!

For me, that is a really big thing!!!!

Mom has not really been tracking her food, but she has been much more supportive and neither of us have been bringing crap home and tempting the other.  She needs to crack down and start tracking, but we are making progress, and I am satisfied with that.

I don't mean satisfied in the way that I am done, it's all good... I mean that I am not berating myself for not doing things better or differently.  Slow progress is the kind that will stick, and thoughtful eating habits are the kind I need to develop.

So, today being weight day for week 8, I met my first goal, exactly: down 17.8 pounds.  I set a new 10% goal, trying to set smaller, reasonable goals, which is another 22 pounds.

I still have a very long journey ahead of me, but I am trying to focus on today.  If I think ahead too much then I have one of two reactions: scared because it is such unknown territory, or "it'll never happen, I always fail."  This is why I focus on today, and take it one day at a time.

Week 8, 18 lbs. down.

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