Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Countdown to Surgemication: One Week.

One week from today!

I am excited for this surgery, although it brings with it the end of the summer, and that I'm not so ready for.  I have not been nervous at all, perhaps I will be next week.  I have been making lists of things to get done, preparations to make, etc.  I also had mom remove the remnants of my pedi from two months ago.  :(  The little toes weren't so great, but the big toes still looked pretty good.  And I can't take any aspirin or ibuprofen so numerous body parts have decided to ache.  Grr.

I hope I can get some things done while I'm home convalescing.  (Don't worry, not big things, but things like reading my textbook for the class I teach and redoing my notes.)

Come on week, go faster!  Let's get this done!

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