Thursday, August 1, 2013

Post Surgemication: Day Two

It's amazing what time and pain killers can do!

Here it is, the second full day after my surgery and I feel pretty darn good.  The first night I slept on the couch, which was fine, except my butt was really tired of being sat on and was pretty sore.  I pretty much laid here all day with my foot up, but I had to pee almost on the hour.  (Rehydrating is a pain!)  I was never really loopy, although I do fall asleep pretty quickly, and mom and I watched some streaming Netflix until time for bed.

Yesterday mom had to go back to work, but I was feeling pretty good and I was getting around pretty well on the crutches.  Also, Meghan stopped by and brought me flowers and a balloon and sat and talked for awhile.  She dropped the girls of at the water park and brought us back a Maid-Rite for lunch.  (She had never had one before! :-o)  I munched my Maid-Rite and slurped down my raspberry milkshake while we chatted and watched Frasier.  It was nice to have company.  Dad came up for a visit shortly afterwards.

Last night mom and I decided that I would be more comfortable sleeping in my bed, but I dreaded going up the stairs.  After a lot of effort, and some tears, I made it up stairs and to my bed.  It was nice to sleep in my bed!  I was able to turn onto my sides slightly and my behind was very pleased with that.  I had an alarm set to wake me when it was time for medicine, so at 2 a.m. I put peanut butter on a cracker, ate it and took my pill.  I just got laid back down when it felt like a pillow had slipped out from underneath of my leg so I opened my eyes to see mom hovering over me and scare the crap out of me.

Coming down stairs was much easier than going up, and I am getting around even better today.  I really am amazed at how little my ankle hurts.  (But it is really itchy!!!)  I'm happily situated on the couch and bless dad's heart, he is on an errand to get me more Bomb Pops and some watermelon.  He also put my new license plates on for me. :)  Meghan is going to bring me lunch and check on me today, and I am feeling totally relaxed and comfy!  (And I can wiggle my toes without pain today!)

Aaaah!  The life of an invalid! :)

Flowers and balloon from Meghan. :)

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