Saturday, January 11, 2014


First road trip of the year!

I love getting away for little breaks.  I mean, I love going on big adventures, but let's face it--they are time consuming, usually expensive, and a lot of work.  Last semester I was fortunate to go to DC in September, Japan in October, Colorado in November, and Wisconsin in December.  Wow!  As awesome as that was, trying to work full time, take full time grad classes, teach a class AND travel...wasn't easy.

This weekend, for the first time since June I was able to slip away and visit my KS bestie and her utterly adorable spawn.  It's so nice to just chillax, laugh and play together.  These are the times that make life bearable.

Tomorrow it will be time to head home already...but for now, I'll enjoy some more play time.

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