Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Auld Lang Syne...

Here it is, another year come and gone. Time again for reflection.

I cannot say that I am all that sad to see 2014 go. This has truly been a year for trials. The year started with a new boss and the challenges that new staff, especially new management staff, brings. On top of regular work stress, I switched to a half online/half in class version of the class I've been teaching. Then, the end of March was the whole scary ordeal with my dad and his emergency brain surgery.

This fall semester was murder! I could hardly keep up with all my coursework and was so stressed by the end of the semester I was certain I needed to commit myself. It has taken me a week and a half to get all the weariness and stress out of my system and i have been a little frustrated with myself that I have not been "tough enough" and done more. (Honestly, no one is harder on me than I am.)

But, 2014 has not been all bad.

The end of July I was able to take a class in Edinburgh, Scotland. After my two-week class, mom came over and joined me for a noter week. We stayed at Dalkeith Palace, took a Highland tour, took a train down to London and spent the night, then spent 5 wonderful days in Ireland.

There has also been one other good thing to come out of this year. About this time last year I decided I had to send something to a very special friend in Belarus. (We've been pen pals since I came home from there in 1999, but for several years letters hadn't gotten through.) Honestly, I was head over heels when I was in Belarus, but I was never sure that he felt more than friendship. Well, I sent a Christmas card last year and got quite the response. We have been writing letters back and forth like crazy this year and are trying to find a way to get him here. For the first tim n my life I actually consider myself in a relationship!

So, what have I learned this year?

I've learned that you never know when someone might not be there anymore, and that you should always make sure those you love know it!

I've learned that I need to take care of me. I need to be as forgiving of myself as I am of others. I need to eat healthily and exercise because it will help me.

I've learned that I am super strong, a great leader, and a caring, intelligent person.

And I am learning that it doesn't matter what others think, I am enough, and I am worthwhile.

In the new year I am going to try and take it easier on myself. I'm going to try and find ways of easing the stress. And I'm going to get healthy!!!

Here's looking to a new year, a new beginning. May it hold new adventures, love, joy and rich blessings!

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