Friday, March 13, 2015

Off Into The Wild Blue Laundry

Well, here I am! I can't believe that today is the day!

I have been waiting for weeks, for this trip, but I've been waiting for years to go back. I really can't believe that tomorrow I will be in Belarus.

I have been experiencing so many emotions. I really don't know how I feel, but I think it is going to be a great trip, even if it doesn't go exactly how I Imagined it.

I'm sitting in Des Moines at the gate waiting for the first flight to find out my destiny. (Maybe slightly overdramatic...)

Wish me luck!

See ya on the flipside!


I have made it to Frankfurt!

I got on my flight out Chicago and there were three young people sitting in a row. The youngest was in my seat. I told her that and she just got that dear in the headlight look, and it was evident that she had no intentions of moving. So I tried asking where she was supposed to be sitting and if it was acceptable I would just sit there--deer...headlight. Finally, the young man, who seemed to be the oldest said could you sit here so we can all sit together. It was another aisle seat so I agreed.

I was a little miffed. Not so much that I really wanted that seat, but because they were just being stupid. Anywho, I ended up sitting next to a nice German man who had just been in Waterloo. He, it turns out, works for John Deere and had been there for training. We had a really nice chat.

I like it when that happens. So many times I sit next to someone and it is very evident they are thinking "Why do I have to be stuck next to the fat person?" Now, before you roll your eyes at me, look me in the eye and tell me you've never thought that yourself...Well?

It's ok. I understand. I don't like being crammed in next to you either.

Well, In a little less than three hours I will be on my final flight to MSQ. (You know you travel a lot when you name cities by their airport code.) I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM ALMOST THERE!

Happy dance! I can't wait to see Alex's, hopefully, smiling face!

I am exhausted, but it is worth it.

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