Friday, January 8, 2016

Another Adventure Comes To a Close

Well, here I am sitting in the airport after a long of day of traveling.

My last post was all about how things were not going well, and then before I could post again, I ran out of internet on my phone, and seeing as it required long bus rides in He very cold weather, I never made it out to pay any more money on it.

Things didn't start out well, but they didn't end so badly. Last Sunday he finally snapped out of his bender. I think it occurred to him finally just what all he had screwed up. That and I wouldn't give him any money. He ended up getting sick as well, and slept all day Sunday. I don't think I even saw him at all that day. Monday I left a note on the hitched table that said "I miss you" and after he saw it, he invited me into the living room to snuggle on the pull out sofa bed and watch TV. It was wonderful.

Then, on Tuesday he was his normal self--he cooked and cleaned and was every bit the host you would expect. We spent the whole day together in the kitchen and had a romantic dinner in the evening. Wednesday we again hung out all day, though we were both tired. He was a little grumpy, and I still don't know what that was about.

Thursday was kind of a lazy day, but we again spent it together. His mom came for a visit and to say good-bye, and then we have a nice farewell dinner together. Neither one of us could really sleep that night, so we laid there, talked a little, got up to get a drink/have a smoke, laid back down, and so on.

This morning was tough. It was really hard to say goodbye, and as it turns out, we got there at the absolute last moment and I barely got checked in. Because of luggage, we couldn't sit together in the car, and then we had to say our goodbyes really fast so I could check in. That was a little disappointing, but perhaps made it a little easier, in the end.

So, after a not so great start, here were the good things to come out of it:

  • Some quality snuggle time and just together time
  • He actually admitted that he was an alcoholic
  • He's been putting serious thought into things in view of the possibility of starting a family
Do I wish things had gone differently, of course, but I will treasure this last week that we shared, always.

What will be in the future? I'm not sure yet. But right now i have happy memories.

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