Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Got Grit?

Things have been rough lately. Ok, for awhile. Ok for a long time. But recently I've been feeling extremely undervalued, under-appreciated, and well, like I just don't mean anything at work.

I am the kind of person who cannot do things halfheartedly. (Ok, sometimes when I go to obligatory social functions and my extrovertedness is all wiped out I can be half-hearted about it.) But when it comes to work or anything that I take seriously, I can't do a half-ass job. I tend to go way above and beyond, often driving myself nearly to the point of ulcers, and often to the point of exhaustion.

Add to that full-time grad school for three years, and no trying to get a fiancé visa for Alex, well, I just don't understand how I am still going?

Yesterday, I cam across this article on LinkedIn and I thought, huh, that must be it. I must have grit.

It's not pretty, but I guess it's what gets me through the (abundant) tough times. No, I never grew up thinking "Someday I'm gonna have lots of grit!" But you know what, there are a lot worse things that I could be.

On the one hand, I guess it made me feel a little better. On the other...not so much.


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