Friday, October 25, 2019

Taking Care Of Me!!

The past few months have not been easy, but whatever. I’m fighting my way through it because I am a badass! I have been doing a lot of things to try and take care of myself and to offset the stress of everyday life. I try to go for a massage once a month, and I go to the chiropractor every couple weeks. I’ve started meditating, I’m usng CBD oil to help with anxiety and restless legs, and I am looking into accupuncture to help with some things. But sometimes, your body tells you that you need more!

It is super important to listen to what your body needs. I spent so many years abusing my body and then being mad at it. I still don’t love it, but I am trying to treat it kindly. Since, starting my new job right after my last vacation in May 2018, I had only taken one or two days off and that was for things like moving or appointments. Not fun.

I realized that I needed a break, but I can’t afford a vacation. So, what do I do? What I usually do and get on some travel site and torture myself with trips I can’t take. . .

This time, instead of flights, I got on AirBnB and somehow found this adorable little cabin only an hour an half from home and right in the foothills on the edge of Pike National Forest. And it was cheaper than a hotel! So, I did it. I booked a long weekend when the weather would hopefully be crisp and the trees would be beautiful.

OHMIGOD! I have needed this so much. Between living with two family members (who I dearly love) and working with one of them, I just need some devoted down/quiet/me time.

I arrived in town and went straight to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center (you really need to go if you like dinosaurs!!) and then came to the cabin.

It is so quiet here, and the air is so fresh. As soon as I got here I just felt everything melt away. Complete peace. I sat and ate dinner enjoying some soft jazz music and actually paying attention to how my food tasted, what it felt like in my mouth, etc. I listened to the Avs kick Las Vegas ass, and then, I quietly read a manga. (It’s a fantastic series, btw.) And now I am sitting here in the silence, drinking my Tazo Zen tea, and writing a blog—something I have not been able to do fro quite some time.

At this moment—life is very good.

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