Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New, new, new...

New year, new week, new day, new semester, new blog...that's a whole lotta new.

With the start of a new year usually comes new resolutions, goals, and great intentions, and by February, they have already gone out the window.  Instead of torturing myself with self-loathing at the failure to meet my unachievable goals, I am going to to try a more reasonable approach.

This year is all about attitude.

In place of vague goals, I pledge to myself to change attitudes.  I promise myself that I will make these changes in order to have a more happy and satisfying existence.  Will I be successful in these things everyday?  No.  It is not win or lose, or "I failed today, so the whole year is blown," but more of a process.  Everyday I will set before myself these goals, and everyday I will be more successful than the day before, and even with an occasional lapse, by the end of the year I should find myself, and my attitude, much altered. (And we'll hope for the better.)

So, without further ado, the list...

          This year I WILL:
                  treat everyone with kindness and respect, including myself.
                  think POSITIVE.
                  focus on what I DO have and not on what I DO NOT have.
                  smile more.
                  laugh more.
                  be nicer to my body by being more mindful of what I eat and get up and shake
                        my booty more.
                  banish all negative thoughts about myself, and try to see myself as
                        others see me.
                  put my best face forward, everyday.
                  NOT sweat the small stuff.
                  get out of bed everyday.

Armed with these objectives I go now, boldly into the unknown that is...2012.  And I hope for, nay, look forward to a year of adventure, new territories, and unexpected joys!

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