Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Weekend

Well, my long holiday weekend was long, for certain!

I took Friday off since last week was the only week this month I could take vacation, and I thought I would have a nice relaxing weekend and really dig into this story that's been tumbling around in my head.  Mom took Friday off, so we just kinda bummed around and didn't do anything serious.  Saturday we slept in and then mom had to go to work in the early afternoon.  Ok, I thought, here's my chance to put some meat on the bones of this story.  I didn't get right into it, I took my time getting dressed and such and then checked my email and facebook.  Then I decided I would watch a little bit of Neo Ned while I finally ate a sandwich.  Somewhere not too far in to the movie, my aunt Joy called and said that my grandpa was bringing my grandma up to the ER with chest pains.

Needless to say, I dropped everything and went to the ER where I sat with Grandpa for nigh on 6 hours.

All is well, however!  It turned out to be diverticulitisan infection in her intestines.  She's on antibiotics and should be fine.


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