Saturday, June 29, 2013

Twenty Weeks

Well, yesterday marked the twentieth week on Weight Watchers and while I didn't quite hit my 10% goal by my birthday (last week), I am still pretty pleased by my progress: 38 pounds in 20 weeks.  Nothing to complain about!

I have been doing really well on Weight Watchers, I find it so easy and it just makes sense, although the last couple weeks I could have spent some of my points a little more wisely.  All in all, though, I have been making better decisions, and those times when I make not so good choices, I feel the results and I am learning that it may not be worth it to eat those things.

Mom is trying to do it, too, although I kind of forced it on her, so I don't think she was as ready for it.  But still, we are both trying to make better choices.  I've lost a good amount, and she has lost some too.

So, last Friday was my birthday, and after my friend Meghan found out that birthdays were never really a big deal in my family, she decided it was her goal to give me a great birthday.  I secretly liked this, because I've never made a big deal about it being my birthday, but I've always secretly wished that I would walk into a room to a surprise party, because that would mean that someone cared enough to go to all that trouble.  (I know that may sound kinda bad, but see, that's how I show love, doing things for people, so I tend to compare other people to my standards, which is not fair, because I usually go way above and beyond.)  Anywhoo, Meghan and her daughter Maddie took me to Ames and we went shopping at Hobby Lobby, they took me to lunch at Hickory Park, and gave me presents!  Later I had a drink with my friend Sharon, then in the evening I had dinner with the rents at Zeno's.  

It was a good day!The next day was a little, disappointing--things just did not work out how I'd planned, but it happens.  Mom and I had been planning to go down and check out the new Nissan Versa Note which finally came in at Hummel's (the best dealership and service department ever), and then we were going to go to the police range with Meghan's beau and shoot.  Well, looking turned into buying and it took longer than we expected and I didn't get to go to the range.  I was really psyched to see Meghan shoot for the first time, but I'll get over it.  Then I've had this last week off in order to use some vacation before the end of our fiscal year, and I had all kinds of plans, again, which didn't happen, but it's all good!  I am visiting one of my besties (read her fantastic blog here), a yearly tradition since our birthdays are back to back, I come down for a visit on a weekend close to our birthdays and we celebrate together.  Of course, celebrating this year and last year was a little different since she was pregnant last year and this year has a five month old, but we still manage to have a good time.I love visiting because, even though it's only a couple hours away, I can leave everything behind, and when we get together, it's like we saw each other last week.  Even if we don't do anything, it's nice to chill with awesome friends, to let my hair down, and just be myself--not have to sensor anything, or worry about offending anyone, and when her other friends come over, it's so awesome to have intelligent, adult conversation!It's a great ending to a not so great week!Another update: we finished our first welding class project last week by making bugs.  Below you can see the pictures of the steel which I bent, my finished sculpture, and all of ours together.  I am really digging this welding thing, even though it is hot and dirty!


So, to get me in a really happy place, I'm squeezin' on the cutest baby in the world and chillin' with some awesome peeps!!

Yeah, life is good!

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