Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans.

So, Saturday was my birthday.  My mom and co-worker and I all went down to KC and had a girls' weekend.  We started by visiting my bestie, fixing a ginormous (you think I'm kidding) pot of borscht (why is there a t on the of borscht?), pelmeni and later homemade ice cream and feasting at Lins' house.  I got to play with Charlotte, the most adorable child EVER, and just chill with my girlies.

Saturday, Mom, Jazz and I went to the Russian store and stocked up on goodies, then had lunch at Oklahoma Joe's.  Seriously, the most amazing BBQ.  EVER.  Then we walked around the Country Club Plaza, but it was hotter than a mo-fo and we called it quits by about 5:00.  We went back to the hotel, watched TV and ordered pizza.

By Sunday we were all pretty much exhausted, but we stopped at the Kansas City Farmer's Market.  It was neat, but we didn't hold up very long in the 96 degree heat.  We finally decided to make our way back home.

It was a great weekend.  I wish I could have seen Lins and Charlotte more, but I was so thrilled that Charlotte seemed to remember me and was happy to see us.  I got lots of hugs in and she even told me "night" when she was getting ready for bed.

Now, the fun is over and I have to finish two papers this week, get prepared for my Scottish Archives class and keep figuring out how I am going to bring the love of my life (I'm pretty sure...) here from Belarus.

But to end on a positive note, I am apparently making strides in my quest to like myself.  I took this selfie at Oklahoma Joe's and I said to my mother "Huh, that's a pretty good picture," and thought to myself "Wow, I really am pretty."



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