Thursday, August 28, 2014

I feel fine!


Well!  Since coming back from Scotland I have been running to catch up.  I promise to post more on that soon.

I have to say, surprisingly, I have been feeling pretty fantastic lately.  Scotland was a big challenge for me; I knew that it would be.  I kept up with the rest of the group pretty darn well, even though most of the time I was walking twice my normal speed.  I felt really proud of that.  The walking really didn't get to me, other than the stairs the first few days.  I didn't really watch what I was eating there, but I walked it all off.  AND, I wasn't snacking all the time, and didn't want to.

When I came home I had lost five pounds!  Pretty darn good for having eaten ice cream everyday.  No, seriously. Every day.  Several people told me I looked smaller, and indeed I felt smaller.  I that was a pretty spectacular result from three little weeks where I wasn't trying to lose weight.

Since I've been back at work people have been really glad to see me, given me hugs and asked all about my trip, which makes me feel pretty awesome.  People missed me!  They love me!  They really, really love me!

I've noticed in the past couple weeks that when I look in the mirror, not only do I no longer hate myself, but I think "hey, you've really got a nice face."  This is so strange for me!!  I don't know what is happening, but I hope it continues.

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