Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So Close...


This semester is almost over! It's so close I can almost taste it!

My semester at work ended last Friday, so that is one thing off my plate. Two of my classes for this semester are over (I have to finish a few projects for one, but have extra time this summer) and I only have two final projects left for the other class.

I am feeling the weight lift off of my shoulders!

Previously, I have given myself the summer off to recoup, but this summer I will be working on my capstone project for my MLIS. I decided it was better to work on that during th summer when I don't have regular coursework. That, presuming I pass everything this semester, will be my last requirement for my MLIS!!! Woot! Then I just have three required classes left for my MA in Russian Translation.

It still seems very far away, but there is an end in sight!

Thank. God.

This weekend I am going up to stay with my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin for a much needed mini vacay. I already feel much less stressed, so hopefully getting out of town for a few days will really revive me.

Deep breathing. Almost done.

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