Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twenty Steps Forward, Fifty Steps Back.

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I kind of feel like that sometimes.

I have really struggled with, well, everything, since coming back from spring break, but especially with my eating. I have really been eating my emotions and have been way out of control. So, I have decided, once again, to pick myself up and start again.

I was on SparkPeople yesterday entering food for today and I searched for zero carb to see what came up. (I am going no carb today and tomorrow. Well barely any carbs.) I came across a post where a gal was asking if low carb is a good way to go for PCOS. One person responded that she was sure it was good for PCOS to go low carb, but she could never do it because she loves sweets too much.

As I read that, I had one of those flashback moments. That was me a couple years ago. Give up carbs????? I can't do that! It's not healthy to eliminate one food group completely!!! I halfheartedly tried South Beach, but didn't make much progress.

Flash forward: I am now much more savvy about the evils of sugar and how crappy I feel when I eat a lot of highly processed, high carb foods. I now have less trouble giving up sugar and find it a smart thing to limit. So, I have come full circle from "I can't" and "I won't" to "I can" and "I want to!" I also looked at Atkins and South Beach and thought, you know, they are not really so far off after all.

So, starting yesterday, I am starting fresh. I have my menu planned out, and though it seems a bit sparse, it is only temporary. Soon I can have my fruit and yogurt again. I am really hoping to make this a lifestyle, so I'm going to have to work at sticking to it, though hopefully it won't seem like work when my blood sugar levels go down and I lose weight.

One day down, and one step closer to the life I want to lead!

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