Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feeling Hypo

OK, I promise that this not going to be another morose post, however, since I came home from Belarus things have been rough. Not only did I not get married like I'd hoped to, I had a lingering bug, a new semester started with no boss, and I am soo finished* with grad school... On top of that I had been feeling exhausted all the time, no matter how much I slept, had no appetite (which did not stop me from stuffing my face because of stress/emotions), I have been moody, depressed, and just feeling like I was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Most of the time I just wish I could be alone because people are so draining on my already drained psyche. And also because I was so emotional it was all I could do to not burst into tears most of the time. I really wanted to quit school (OK, I realize that is not the smartest idea ever, but when you feel like you are going to suffer a nervous breakdown...) and pretty much quit everything.

Then, last weekend I was able to run away for the weekend!

I went to see my bestie and her bean. I hadn't been down for a visit probably since last summer, and was anxious not only to catch up, but to play with the cutest, most awesome little girl ever! Her daughter just turned 3 and it was super fun to get to play with her and interact with her. And I needed advice from the best advice giver I have.

Of course, we also had much needed, for both of us, girl time. Saturday we went out to breakfast at this neat diner and had a breakfast that was way too huge for even me, and then went to get pedis!

I was still tired, but I felt spiritually refreshed after our time together.

Then it was back to reality. And Monday I got sick. I left work early in the afternoon and ended up tossing my cookies later. I stayed home Tuesday and half the day Wednesday. Monday I went in for routine blood work but they couldn't get a drop out of me. I went in Wednesday and they finally extracted enough for the tests.

Since I had been feeling so off for so long, I asked my doc if we could check my thyroid again (hadn't been checked for quite a while) and today she told me that yes, my thyroid is under active. Yes, I have to take another medicine, but as long as I feel better it doesn't bother me.

I'm relieved, really. I'm not crazy. I knew something was wrong. I just hope it helps.

Pretty toes!

One beautiful cabbage.

Yummy yummy borscht!

*If only I were finished. I just meant mentally...

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