Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's Done! Well, Almost...

Well, I graduated!!!!

Except I didn't.

So, long story very short, I didn't get feedback on my translations until about 2 days before I needed to turn them in. So, I didn't have the time to fine-tune and correct my translations let alone to finish writing the 20 page report about my internship. After talking with my advisor, we filed for an exception that would allow for my final grades to be turned in 2 weeks late.

Normally you have to be enrolled in at least one credit the semester you graduate, so if I deferred graduation to August, I would have to pay like $600 to enroll in a credit even though all my work is already turned in.

We went ahead as if they had accepted my request, but I got word this past Wednesday that they denied my request. But, they did tell me that I wouldn't have to pay for any credits.

So, I have a chance to redo a paper by Monday, and then I will officially have everything turned in and be done with my degree requirements.

So, I may not officially graduate until August, but so what. I will finally be done!


Praise Jeebus!

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