Monday, December 12, 2016


The crap continued.

Wow! It's been awhile. . .

I wrote in a previous post that I hadn't heard from my fiancé for two days. I finally got ahold of him. We talked briefly, then a day later he called me. We had a nice chat as he was going somewhere and I felt relieved.

And then, I didn't hear from him for another four days. I didn't know what to think. I texted everyday. I called everyday. And finally one day he answered, but he had just laid down and fallen asleep. I agreed to call back the next day. I think it was actually two days before I then got a hold of him again. I found out that he had been very ill.

Communication has really been non-exsistent since then.

My dad came out to visit on Thanksgiving and I was really glad to see him, but unfortunately I got a little overwhelmed between communication issues with my honey bunches, getting dad back and forth between our place and my brother's, and the stress of starting a new job. I got a little crabby, and at one point, just had to break down and let it all out.

Then I felt better.

I spent four hours on the phone with my guy today, and it was good. It wasn't great--he was kind of nostalgic and sad--but I was glad to finally get to talk to him.

On the bright side, I am in my third week at my new job and I love it!

So, I think things are starting to work themselves out, there were just some pretty big bumps along the way.

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