Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I Feel Pretty!

So, this morning I had an unexpected four hour phone call with my honey pie. I woke him up when I called, and honestly I did not expect that we would talk for that long, but once we got started, we just couldn't stop.

At first, we just talked about random things. Then we started talking about past relationships. He told me that he had run into a couple of his friends not long ago, and that they said they had heard he supposedly had a girl in America and they wanted to see a picture. So, he pulled out his phone and showed them a picture and, apparently, they were impressed. It made me feel good that they thought I was attractive, but it made me feel even better when he told me how proud it made him.

Later he asked me how many boyfriends I had had and I answered none. He asked why and I said no one had ever been interested, and probably partly because when I was younger I was convinced that I was disgusting. He almost got mad. He said that he didn't understand how no one noticed such a good, caring, beautiful person.

Let me just say this is where I melted. Into a pile of mush.

Yeah, we have issues, but it's clear that he really loves me. And he says the sweetest things, not even trying to.

I felt pretty good when I went to work today.

Kinda gooey on the inside. :)

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