Saturday, January 14, 2017

Holy Piles of Shit, Batman!

Okay, so generally I don't talk much about work, but I just have to share about today.

We are on the first floor of a building, and there is a big lobby with stairs to the second floor. Well, someone came in about an hour or so after we opened and said that they had just slipped on a pile of shit in the lobby. Sure enough, there was poop on the floor. Someone had pooped their pants, left a pile, came in and spread poop all over the bathroom. Then they went over and sat down to use a computer.

Things never improved from there.

It may have been a shitty day, pun intended, but at least we were able to laugh about it. My theory is that since yesterday was Friday the 13th and it's been a near full moon, Friday the 13th must have be doubled and that's why today was so weird.

Well, I'm home now and relaxing. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Gah!!!! So nasty!!!! Who lucked out and got to clean it up?

    1. Maintenance! But they did a shitty job and had to come back again later.


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