Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holy Carb Hangover, Batman!

Last year I discovered that on top of PCOS, my thyroid was now under active and I packed on nearly 40 pounds in a very short time. I was just not having any luck getting it back off, and moving to higher altitude did not help things. January of this year I decided that I had to kick my butt into gear, so after doing research, I selected the Keto diet. The timing just happened to line up with a weight loss competition at work, which I think I might have won, but don't know yet.

So, it's been just over three months and I have to say that things are going really well! The final weigh in for the competition was last week and I lost 35 pounds! Woot woot! I had decided that after 3 months, I would give myself a few days a month to splurge and have a higher amount of carbs. So, that night, after the weigh in, mom, my brother and I went to our favorite Indian restaurant for supper.

I didn't go too overboard on carbs. I only had one piece of naan, but the next morning I felt like I had a hangover.

A freaking carb hangover!

Well, lots of water and some ibuprofen and I was fine, but it did confirm to me that I am doing the right thing. Obviously, things are working and I feel good!

Here's to another 3 months of great success!

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