Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Killin' It With Keto!

I finally have something positive to write about!

I have been very happy with my success in the past 7 months, but one thing I had noticed is that even though I was at a lower weight then before, I was still wearing a bigger size. For example, I weigh thirty pounds less now than the last time I went to see my honey pie (Jan. 2016), but I was wearing a size or two bigger. Clothes that fit well then, were still to snug now.

That has changed!

Apparently in the last two weeks I have started to reshape, and in less than I month I have lost another inch on hips and waist.

All of the sudden, stuff fits! And, an outfit that I had just worn in the last two weeks, was suddenly pretty baggy.

Woohoo! I needed a positive in my life, and I will take it!

Down 67# and nearly 10 inches on hips.

*For more info on the keto way of life, check out these links:

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