Thursday, July 27, 2017



I finally have great news.

We have become increasingly unhappy in our current rental, but I was concerned about finding a new place because, well, we are both working part time. And, if I'm being honest, things have been shit for so long that I didn't figure anything good would happen. BUT! the stars must have aligned on Monday.

First of all, I finally got my license plate switched over and am now officially Coloradan! Then we ran a few more errands, looked at an apartment that was decent, and went to lunch.

At lunch, we decided to go look at these apartments that are about a block from where mom is currently working. I was a little hesitant, but we went anyway. We looked at two of the two bedroom apartments, and fell in love.

There is a dual master layout, both with connected bathrooms, completely redone, brand new carpet, paint and appliances, more square footage, 16 ft vaulted ceilings, and just pure AwEsOmEnEsS! So we decided to go for it!

It ended up cheaper than what we have now for MORE space and brand new stuff!

So, as we are get ready to apply, she tells us that right now the application fee, administrative fee and hold fee (would have been $480) were waived and we would only pay $99!

She processed our application and about 30 minutes later we got a yes!

So in about half a month we get to move into our new place and we are soooooo excited!

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