Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Wednesday I got off work early to drive up to Wisconsin and attend the last two days of the Wisconsin Library Association Conference. It was really like a mini vacay and I wanted to go mostly because my bestie Bob (her name has been changed to protect the record) was going to be there and we haven't seen each other since SOIS hit Washington D.C. in 2013. (OMG! I can't believe I didn't make a post about that!)

We met Thursday morning when I finally made it to the conference. We went to the State Historical Society Tour, which was cool, albeit really warm!!! Then we shopped a little on one of the breaks and hung out all evening. I had to drive back to my uncle's house in pouring, scratch that, torrential rain but did make it back...finally.

Friday we attended morning sessions and then went to check out a store in Madison that had lingerie, books, sex aids/toys, and some cool jewelry. There was a creepy man there when we first got there, and then two uncouth and rather vulgar ladies came in, but it was a classy store with some neat stuff. I got myself a book there that is kind of a devotional like book all about becoming self confident and learning to love yourself.

We went out for fish fry on Friday night and had a great time with Unkie Dave and Aunt Mary. We chilled at home with some UV Blue and lemonade, put on fake nails (which didn't last long) and then went to bed. I called Alex for a few minutes before going o bed, and whoever was recording our conversation screwed up because after a few sentences the line dropped on his side and I heard a repeat of his half of the conversation twice before I hung up and called back,

Unfortunately, Bob's friend and mentor was in need of help, so she left early Saturday morning and we didn't get thong out, but I'm glad for the time I had with my boo. And I did get to go the Harley shop.

Fun time, and a much needed break. However, I am now procrastinating and not doing my homework... :\

Wisconsin State Historical Society reading room

Edith Head sketches for Grace Kelly outfits in To Catch a Thief

Cool Elevator


Beer being bottled at New Glarus Brewing
Need I comment?

My new "devotional".

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