Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Sky Is Falling!

Today was an unexpected day.

The college where I work has been facing budget crunches for the last few years. The imbeciles in Iowa who call themselves politicians have not given much of any increases to educational institutions for the past two years. Two years ago they, illegally, did not pass a budget until 4 months after they were supposed to. That, coupled with dwindling enrollment has meant bad news financially.

I have been very unhappy at my job for quite awhile. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the people I work with! They are the reason I have stayed this long. (That and a little thing called a paycheck...) But after the roller coaster of abuse I have taken for the last three years, for my own health, I need to get out of there.

I've known that I really need to move on for awhile, but there have been things keeping me in place. Paycheck, insurance, co-workers, friends, hope that I'd be able to move up, and so on. Well O.M.G.! Just as the flood gates opened when my first boss retired and began to poor down instability and yuckiness, now the flood gates seem to be opening in the opposite manner.

Since I am currently the only employee in my area (new boss starts mid-May), I felt pretty secure in my job.

Then it happened. I was summoned.

I was told that my position was being cut and they were replacing the two associate positions with all part time staff. As much as it was a shock, I really think that maybe they are doing me a favor.

The universe seems to be telling me it is time to move on. First, with the retirement of some dear faculty members, with the news that my co-worker had taken another job, and now with the news of my elimination. Those are some pretty strong signs, but it doesn't stop there. A friend posted a job that would be the crème de la crème for me on my Facebook wall. And then, I got a letter today that my counselor is leaving.

Literally everything that has been holding me here on some level is disappearing. It's like a cosmic tornado is coming through and wiping my slate clean.

And it has been great to have so much support from the people I work with and to know just how much they really care about me.

Yes, it's shitty. Yes, it's scary, especially the thought of no insurance, but I feel that, for once in my life, everything is falling into place.

Well, here's hoping.

P.S. When I got home I saw this in my news feed. Yet another sign?

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