Thursday, May 5, 2016

I'm Still Here!

No, no, no! I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. Life has just been bat-shit cRaZaY!!!

The semester is winding down here at work, which is good, because AAAAHHH!, but bad because everyday brings me closer to unemployment. I have been busy grading for the classes I teach (which I finally, almost, finished today!!!!), busy being the person working in the library, and busy trying to finish two Masters degrees so I can finally freaking graduate! I am pretty exhausted.

Last weekend I had the first part of a comprehensive exam for my translation degree and I was majorly stressing about it. Saturday morning at 10:00 I was to download two texts and pick one to translate. I had an hour to translate and then I had to turn it in. Then at 11:25 I downloaded two questions for the essay part. I had to choose one, write an 8-12 page academic quality paper and turn it back 24 hours!

Luckily, I had my Works Cited page done before I started, so that was some stress off my shoulders, but I had really read the material thoroughly and I was already so stressed out...I was a nervous wreck. But, somehow I pulled it off and wrote a 9 page paper, with excellent citations I might add, and was so relieved. Even though I felt that the paper was crap. I got an email that I would know by tonight if my paper was accepted.

I hate waiting.

But!, yesterday I got an email that my paper had been accepted and I passed to the next stage, soooo this Saturday, I will receive comments and critiques on my paper/translation and will have four hours to write a reflection paper and respond. If I pass that, then I get to graduate!


Then there is just the matter of finishing two portfolios, one final project, the translations for my internship from last semester, the paper about the internship process, two cataloging assignments and a test, and a final paper also from last semester, in the next 2 weeks.

No pressure...

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