Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Are You Sure There Isn't A Full Moon?

Things have been a little weird so far this year. Yesterday was just weird. I was called in to work  and from the moment I got there, weird things were happening. Then it got really quiet. Like eerily quiet. Work was busy this morning, with bouts of crazy, and since I worked last night for someone, I'm wiped! The morning did go quickly though.

I'm on day three of my new lifestyle. Day one my goal was to track everything I ate. I did that, though I was fairly high on the carbs. Day two, I lowered my carbs and somehow ended up way below calories and eating a big snack when I got home. I lowered my carbs but was still fairly high for where I want to be. Today I have been doing well, though my tummy has been grumbling today as I have finally managed significantly cut my carbs, though I still need to get a little lower.

Alex and I have been talking a lot lately, but it's a little rough. We are both really down right now because it is so hard to be so far apart. Of course, throwing in the holidays just adds to the sadness. I keep remembering that a year ago I was with him. A year ago today we spent the most wonderful afternoon snuggled together on the couch watching movies. It was the first time we were really a couple, doing couply things.

He was unwell for a few days and now his sleep schedule is off. He sleeps all day and then wants to talk when it's time for me to go to sleep. One day we talked until late and then I said I have to sleep. He texted me through the night and then at 7:30 in the morning decided that he couldn't wait any longer and called to wake me up.

It's not that I'm not glad to talk to him, but I may not hear from him for a day, and then if I don't respond he starts calling me. It's gotten a little annoying because I have to work and I have to sleep regularly.


I hope the weirdness that comes with the holidays will wear off soon.

We'll see.

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